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XGate Wireless

"High Speed Satellite Data Services"

 The XGate Wireless Data Gateway provides convenient and cost-effective access to the Internet via your satellite phone. XGate's compression and efficient protocol saves users both time and money. XGate's data compression delivers 10 to 15 times the speed in delivering e-mail than any other client software alone, and is the fastest wireless access to the Internet.



  • Personal e-mail address. User selected account user name and password.
  • Get mail from your Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Earthlink, and other e-mail automatically and easily with XGate.
  • Keep your current e-mail software. Works with any e-mail client program which supports standard POP/SMTP including Microsoft Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook.
  • Attachments. Full support for attachments and HTML messaging.
  • Size Filtering. Server side filtering which can be controlled by the user. Users can determine the maximum size of attachments they will receive via satellite phone. They can also specify whether HTML attachments are to be sent them via satellite phone. Messages not sent via satellite connection are stored on the server for later perusal via the web.
  • Client side filtering. Allows the selective download of messages.
  • Server side virus removal support which scans every e-mail sent or received for viruses and unwanted junk mail before it's delivered to you.
  • Same e-mail address when at home or on your boat. Software works seamlessly with satellite phone communication as well as through conventional Internet channels such as dial-up and LAN adapters. The user does not need to change e-mail programs when ashore.
  • FastWeb Optional Service.  Speeds web download up to 10 times through web content compression and user selected limits on graphics downloading. Pop-up advertising stripped.
  • Extremely simple user interface. Users are up and running and doing e-mail through satellite phones in minutes.
  • Technical support via phone or e-mail.
  • Webmail access from any internet connected PC to the user's mail box.
  • SMS support. The mail server sends e-mail messages to the user's satellite phone via the free short messaging service (SMS) informing the user when mail has arrived. This feature prevents users from having to waste valuable air time to check and see if e-mail is available.
  • Easy dial-up data support for small additional fee. This feature allows user to access e-mail in countries that do not have direct-data access networks

How it Works

The reason XGate  works as well is does is because the technology used in the program is optimized specifically for E-Mail transfers.  Many of our competitors offer compression technologies that fail to perform as well as ours simply because they blindly compress everything that comes over the line.  XGate concentrates on optimizing only E-Mail transfers and it does a superb job at this.

All wireless technologies are basically simplex in the nature of their radio transmissions.  This means that when one radio (or sat phone) is transmitting data the full bandwidth of the channel is allocated for the one way transfer.  It takes a lot of protocol overhead and therefore time to reverse the direction of the communication channel.   This basic design feature of all wireless devices is counter productive when looking at E-Mail transfers.  The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)  protocol that all standard E-Mail programs use defines a "chat" that requires about 10 line turnarounds to complete.  That is 10 times that the direction of data transmission must be reversed to complete the transaction.  This "chat" kills the performance for sending mail via these channels.  Companies that concentrate only on compressing data and not limiting the number of line turnarounds gain very little performance advantage when doing e-mail traffic.

XGate is designed specifically to reduce the number of line turnarounds while additionally benefiting from compression. The proprietary E-Mail protocol eliminates almost ALL  line turnarounds by sending large compressed streams of data to a server process running at our central location.  The server unpacks the data stream and then carries out the standard SMTP "chat" to send the mail.  Receiving mail uses the same wireless enhanced technology.  All incoming mail is collected by the server packaged into one compressed stream of data which is send to the e-mail client in one unidirectional transfer.  The E-Mail client then parses through the data breaking it up into individual mail messages and then presents them to you for viewing.

What does all this mean?  Well it means that on average XGate is about 10 to 15 times faster than our competition when it comes to delivering E-Mail.  The E-Mail transfers "cook"!

Here are some statistics to prove the point.


There is unlimited usage for XGate – however, normal satellite per minute usage charges still apply.    A one time activation fee of $59.00 applies to all accounts.

Description Price
One time signup fee (includes software) $59.00
Fee paid in 3, 6, or 12 month installments per e-mail account. $80, $130, $240
Mail forwarding setup fee (one time) $25
Mail forwarding from other ISPs such as Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo $5 per month
Async dialup access satellite only $8 per month
Async dialup access unlimited $14 per month
Fast Web browsing $8 per month

Periods of Service:

For additional service options, please contact us directly.

Download Printable Information and Activation Form for XGate Service

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