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We Support One Laptop Per Child
One Laptop per Child Logo

 SeaTech Navigator Package

Make Your Computer

"The Cruising Computer"

  •  Our SeaTech Navigator Package includes the installation and setup of the SeaTech System Software (listed below)

  • Setup includes testing of GPS & AIS input

  • We will include the setup and installation of any other software and/or hardware purchased from us or provided to us by you

  • We will optimize MS Windows for fast, reliable performance

  • Options:

  • Installation and setup on your existing computer

  • Purchase, installation and setup of a new customer-approved 10, 15" or 17" notebook computer (name brand, current market price)

Includes SeaTech System Software:


CAPN Voyager Mosaic ECS Features: Display of  NOAA RNC, NOAA ENC, NGA DNC, USACE IENC, 3D Bathymetric, Aerial Photo Charts & Private Cruising Charts, Seamless Charting, Transparent Raster Display, Chart Panning, Nautical Almanac, Tides & Currents, Compass Calibration, Compass Deviation, Compass Rose, Integrated Coast Pilots, Trip Log, Steer To, Route Planning, Route Tracking, Route Export, Autopilot Control, Internet Weather Link, Integrated AIS Display & CPA, Night Colors & Intensity, Hi-Bright Daytime Display, Depth Strip Chart Display, Integrated Video Display, Voice Alert & Alarm, Visual Alert & Alarm, Integrated Emergency MOB System, Set PC to GPS Time, Mark & Alarm Zone, Horizontal or Vertical Split View, Custom Nav Console Display, Course or Route Leg Up Display, Chart Zoom By Distance, Full Screen View, Digital Manual & Help, Tutorial


All NOAA Charts

All Inland Waterway Charts

World Planning Charts

    Atlas of Pilot Charts

   Canadian Coast Guard Radio Aids to Navigation

   Chart No. 1 (Raster)

   Chart No. 1 (Vector)

   Distances Between Ports

   Distances Between US Ports

   Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1

   Handbook of Compass Adjustment

   International Code of Signals

   Magnetic Variation Charts

   Marine Weather Service Charts

   Mariners Guide for Hurricane Awareness

   MF and HF Channels

   Nautical Calculators

   Nautical Chart Users Manual

   Navigation Rules

   NGA List of Lights

   NOAA Coast Pilots

   NOAA Hurricane Basics

   NWS Observing Handbook No. 1

   OPC Radiofax User Guide

   Radar Navigation & Maneuvering Board Manual

   Radio Navigation Aids

   Sailing Directions Enroute

   Sailing Directions Planning Guides

   Sight Reduction Tables

   State Chart Catalogs

   The CIA World Factbook

   US VHF Channels

   USCG Light Lists

   World of Weatherfax

   World Port Index

   Worldwide Marine Radiofacsimile Broadcast Schedules

   WindPlot GRIB Viewer Demo

SeaTech Navigator Package (includes CAPN Voyager Mosaic Version 8 and SeaTech System Software) $499
CAPN Version 8.3 Only

NOW CAPN includes US DVD SET with all available Official raster and vector charts, aerial photos, and 3D bathy charts covering the US, including commercial inland waterways.




  CAPN Mosaic Upgrade CD Now Includes US DVD Set
SoftCharts (Limited Supplies)  



Smart Radio  AIS Receiver 
Smart Radio VHF Splitter

The Smart Radio VHF Antenna Splitter is designed to allow AIS receivers to use the existing VHF marine radio antenna's installation.





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