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by Captain Marti Brown



The latest in Captain Marti Brown's popular Idi-Yacht series of books is her radio manual for the Icom M802 SSB/HAM DSC radio.  It is a guide for the installation and use of the popular Icom radio.

Learn how to set up and use your Icom M802 SSB/HAM & DSC radio the easy way!

This book translates the “Greek” of electronics to help you painlessly get up and running on this best-selling recreational SSB radio. Capt. Marti’s manual covers the basics on how to install the radio, providing step-by-step instructions so that you can either install the radio yourself or use the textbook to oversee a hired technician’s work.

The Icom M802 Radio Manual for “Idi-Yachts” will teach you how to easily navigate the radio such as changing frequencies for voice transmissions, weather broadcasts or radio nets. Sending and receiving all types of Digital Selective Calling transmissions is a breeze as it is described by the author in easy to read “English.”

 Now Available!

$34.95   The Icom M802 Radio Manual for "Idi-Yachts"



"IDI-YACHTS" Revised Edition

by Captain Marti Brown

Marine SSB Radio for "Idi-Yachts"® A Guide for Using Marine Single Sideband Radio , by Captain Marti Brown, is a completely revised edition of her guide on how to use a marine SSB radio – for cruisers by a cruiser.

Learn how to use your Marine SSB radio the easy way! The second edition has 172 pages with new and expanded sections on:

  •  Digital Selective Calling

  • East & West Coast Weather
    & Traffic Nets


  • Weather Fax

  • Voice Weather Broadcasts

  • Emergency Hailing Frequencies

  • Weather Routing

  • SSB Radio Installation & Troubleshooting and

  • A handy removable Quick Reference Guide to keep by the radio

 The book includes an internet download of free reference files. It is an easy to read reference guide that describes all of the emergency, hailing, and working frequencies, SSB, HAM weather and traffic nets, voice weather, and weather fax frequencies.  It explains how to send email and how to make phone calls with your marine SSB radio. 

$24.95  Marine SSB Radio for "Idi-Yachts"



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