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Fellow Cruisers,

 I’m sure you have been reading about the digital revolution in marine electronics. Each month almost every boating publication has an article about new gadgets and advances in electronic navigation and communication.  If you think you are confused by the speed of advancement of this technology, please don't feel like you are alone.

When Pam and I were equipping our boat for cruising a few old salts tried to convince us that personal computers wouldn't work aboard boats. They felt they wouldn't hold up in the marine environment, that computers were too expensive for the average mariner, too hard to use, and that "real" navigators knew how to use a sextant and didn't need electronic gadgets.

However, we believed that the personal computer was a powerful tool that could give the average navigator easy access to valuable information.  We felt that if navigation were easier to do it would make cruising safer and more fun.  We also knew that communications could be automated with the same computer technology, thus making weather decisions much safer, as well as making it easy to keep in touch with family, friends, and business back home.

As average computer users, it was only natural for us to bring a portable computer aboard our own vessel and to search for useful navigation and communications software.  We soon discovered the amazing Computerized American Practical Navigator (CAPN) Electronic Charting System (ECS) software.

Our discovery led to the founding of SeaTech Systems™ fifteen years ago in order to become sales representatives for The CAPN software.  We strongly felt at that time that the personal computer, GPS satellite receiver, and digital electronic charts would soon become the basis for navigation and piloting aboard average cruising vessels, just as they had aboard commercial, research, and military ships.

Well, The CAPN has since become the most popular navigation and piloting software worldwide.  It is now used by almost every type of mariner and The CAPN continues to be improved and offer more valuable, easy to use features.  We are very pleased that SeaTech Systems™ has become one of the top resellers of this incredible integrated navigation and piloting software.

As SeaTech Systems™ grew, our software customers began asking us to sell them computers, GPS satellite receivers, radars, single side-band radios, and satellite telephones.  We began offering products to respond to our customers' desires for high quality, fully integrated hardware and software systems and created the concept of the digital navstation. 

We are now dealers for most major brands of nautical navigation, communication, and weather hardware and software.   If we don’t have it in stock, we can probably find it for you.

Pam and I have moved on land, but S/V Narkosis is still moored close to our office.  We don't get to cruise as much as we would like but we enjoy equipping our customers' boats, seeing them at the boat shows, and hearing from them all over the world.  We like to think of our customers as good friends so, if you can, drop by for a cold beer and we'll swap sea stories.  We always have time for our fellow members of the worldwide cruising community.


Fair Winds

Pamela House, Steven Bowden, and Spyder, the Cruising Cat and our growing family of office staff and sales representatives.

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