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SPOT 2 $99.99


SPOT Connect

Turn your Smartphone into a satellite communicator
with the SPOT Connect device.

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The World’s First Satellite Messenger and Tracker

Orange ONLY $99.99


SPOT is the world’s first dual-satellite emergency messenger, using the GPS satellite system to determine your location and commercial communications satellites to transmit that information to the proper recipient.

SPOT allows you to notify family, friends, your business or a GEOS Alliance International 9-1-1 Emergency Call Center of your exact location via Google Maps™, and to send for assistance in time of need around the world, completely independent of cellular phone or other land-based radio coverage.

Documented instances of emergency rescues.

How Spot Works:

  • GPS satellites provide coordinates.
  • SPOT messenger’s onboard GPS chip determines your exact coordinates and sends your location and message to the SPOT satellite system.
  • SPOT commercial satellites relay your message to specific satellite antennas around the world.
  • Satellite antennas and supporting equipment route your message and location to the appropriate network.
  • Your message is delivered according to your instructions via text message, email or emergency notification via the service center.

When SPOT sends a text or email message to one of your contacts or to a GEOS International 9-1-1 Emergency Call Center, it includes your exact coordinates and a web link to view your location using Google Maps™.

  • Satellite coverage works around the world, independently of cellular systems, with outstanding reliability.

  • 5.2 ounces (147.4 g)
  • Includes 3 AAA lithium batteries; under normal usage a full battery charge should meet or exceed the following:
    • Power on, unused:   94.7 days
    • Tracking mode: 4.3 days
    • SOS/911 mode: 2.8 days
  • Includes form-fitting nylon case with adjustable elastic armband, carabiner or belt loop attachment allows easy access to the button controls while providing an added level of protection

    Operating Conditions:

    • Operating Temperatures: -22 deg. F to 140 deg. F (-30 deg. C to 60 deg. C)
    • Operating Altitude: -328 ft to +21,325 ft (-100m to +6,500m)
    • Floats in water
    • Waterproof up to 16.4 ft (5m) for 1 hour
    • Humidity and Vibration Rated

Basic Service Plans:     $99 1-year;       $199.98 2-year        includes SOS/911   Check-in/OK     Help

Optional Services (additional fees apply):

    Allows users to send and save your location and allows contacts to track your progress using Google Maps™.
  • GEOS SEARCH & RESCUE BENEFIT: Provides up to $100,000 of additional search and rescue resources, including helicopter extraction around the world and reimbursement benefits – underwritten by Lloyd’s of London – for any emergency service expenses incurred.
  • PRODUCT REPLACEMENT:  Offers you the ability to quickly replace your damaged, lost or stolen SPOT device.
  • SPOT Assist Upgrade:  SPOT Assist provides professional services on either land or water through partnership with Boat/US and National Safe Drivers.

Spot User Guide



March 6, 2008: Canadian Rescued Off Tasmanian Coast After Sending Distress Message and GPS Location Using SPOT Satellite Messenger

It was reported earlier today that a kayaker from Nanaimo, British Columbia was rescued off the west coast of Tasmania near the Pieman River after pressing the 9-1-1 button on his SPOT Satellite MessengerTM. Derek Crook was attempting to circumnavigate Tasmania in a 36 day expedition when he was hit by rough seas near Conical Rocks and flung from his kayak on a reef just off shore.

This is the first documented rescue of a Canadian using the SPOT Satellite Messenger; three other life-saving rescues have taken place in Colorado, Alaska and Wyoming since SPOT was introduced in North America in December.

Mr. Crook, an experienced paddler, managed to hold on to his kayak and activate 9-1-1 on his SPOT Satellite Messenger to initiate an emergency response call. The distress message alerted the GEOS International Emergency Response Centre used by SPOT, who contacted local Tasmanian rescue authorities providing Crook's GPS coordinates.

"I always thought I could self rescue in any condition. However, while attempting to beat the wave breakers and land in a safe zone, my kayak's stern hatch came off and filled with water," said survivor Derek Crook. "This changed everything and I discovered after a long difficult time of trying to save myself, as I was being swept by high winds several miles out to sea, that I was not going to be successful on my own. Luckily for me I had purchased SPOT before my expedition. I recommend SPOT to everyone who strays off of the beaten path."

Crook was spotted by locals on shore and picked up at sea by their dingy at the same time a search and rescue helicopter arrived on scene and met them on land.

"I was suffering from severe hypothermia and in a very remote area, many miles from any medical attention," added Crook. "Thankfully the rescue helicopter and paramedics, notified by SPOT, were there to transport me to the hospital quickly."

"While other GPS devices tell the user where they are, SPOT tells other people where the user is and their status," said Steven Bell, Senior Vice President, International Sales, Marketing and Customer Care Operations, Globalstar Canada. "SPOT is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, and anyone who travels in remote areas, providing lifesaving and reliable communications capability. It is also waterproof (to 1 meter up to 30 minutes), floats and is highly visible making it the ideal emergency safety device for boaters, off-shore fisherman and people participating in other recreational water activities."

The rescue was assisted by a Westpac Police Rescue Helicopter, a police vessel from Strahan, and search and rescue crews from Queenstown, Zeehan and Burnie, Australia.

The SPOT Satellite Messenger significantly raises the safety factor for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who take to the outdoors each year. SPOT enables users, based on varying levels of need, to send messages to friends, family, co-workers or the emergency call centre, and to visually track the location of the SPOT satellite messenger independently of cellular networks:

- Alert 9-1-1 notifies the emergency call centre of your GPS location coordinates

- Ask for Help sends a request for help to friends and family

- Check In lets contacts know where you are and that you are OK

- Track Progress sends and saves your location and allows contacts to track your progress using Google MapsTM

Weighing just over 7 ounces, the SPOT satellite messenger provides a new level of safety and peace-of-mind for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the outdoors or just wants to stay connected with a line of communication





SPOT User Guide



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