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Includes AIS!

For over 15 years professional and recreational mariners have put their trust in CAPN navigation software.  The incredible loyalty of CAPN users is due in part to the CAPN's steadfast resistance to today's unnecessarily complex software, and their unwavering dedication to maintaining CAPN's reputation as the easiest to use, most reliable ECS product on the market.

Choice of the U.S. Coast Guard

After extensive testing the U.S. Coast Guard chose CAPN navigation software for use on board its entire cutter fleet.  It was picked over all other ECS programs partly because it's the only one that survived the Coast Guard's "crash and burn" test -- a grueling take-it-to-the-breaking-point evaluation of leading navigation software.  The CAPN further distinguished itself during this rigorous testing by actually matching, chart-for-chart, the Coast Guard's own distance calculations.  Such exceptional reliability is also why CAPN software is used at leading maritime training institutions nationwide, including Florida's prestigious RTM STAR Center, the United States Naval Academy, and the USCG Training Center (TRACEN).

CAPN Feature Highlights

NOW CAPN includes US DVD SET with all available Official raster and vector charts, aerial photos, and 3D bathy charts covering the US, including commercial inland waterways. Yes, they're all included in a set of 18 DVDs! All the charts you need without having to spend additional money for additional chart regions or chart types!

Vector Charts:  The CAPN integrates both Official NOAA and Corps of Engineers S57-ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) with NGA military DNC (Digital Nautical Charts) to provide you the best US coverage and detail. Smart Chart Logic makes it easy to select the best chart for every situation.

Raster Charts: The CAPN provides the best Official NOAA RNC (Raster Nautical Charts) coverage available for the US. Fully integrates SoftChart and Maptech/BSB. High resolution aerial photos provide additional detail and situational awareness.

3D Bathy Charts:  The CAPN includes NOAA and Corps of Engineers bathymetric survey data, and displays this otherwise difficult to interpret information as colorful 3D ocean floor maps.

Seamless Display: Mosaic, CAPN's proprietary chart integration technology, not only allows seamless quilting and hybrid display of vector and raster charts, but also intelligently selects the best-scale charts for the current zoom level.  Overlay feature allows various chart types to be set at different levels of transparency, creating a single integrated chart.

Practical:  Large, plotter-style tool buttons provide instant access to important functions and make CAPN ideal for use with touch screens and Tablet PCs.  Transparency level adjustments allow underlying chart data to be seen right through the tool bars so full-screen chart size is never sacrificed.  Labels, waypoints, and symbols can also be set at custom transparency levels.

Situational Awareness: Visual and audible (voice) alerts for vital events such as Waypoint Approach/Arrival, Alarm Zone Approach/Entry, Man Overboard, Outside Anchor Zone, Cross Track Error, and GPS Trouble.  CAPN is the only program that allows you to easily plot manual bearings (LOPs) should your GPS fail.

Video-ready:  Monitor your engine room, back deck, or point a camera at your radar to create a "poor man's" radar interface!  CAPN comes ready to work with today's wireless video cameras making installation a breeze.  Separate video feed windows can be opened within CAPN, and minimized or re-sized as desired.

Powerful:  Charts are easily rotated between course-up, north-up, and route-up display orientations.  Other standard CAPN features include NMEA autopilot, GPS, compass, depth sounder, etc. interfaces; night mode; GPS waypoint upload/download capability; on-chart tide and current display; celestial navigation module; full-fledged log-keeping and vessel management, plus much, much more.  Several optional features are also available.

Tides & Currents:  Yes, they are included too. Display them separately or right on top of your charts!


CAPN Version 8.3

NOW CAPN includes US DVD SET with all available Official raster and vector charts, aerial photos, and 3D bathy charts covering the US, including commercial inland waterways.




  CAPN Mosaic Upgrade CD Now Includes US DVD Set
SoftCharts (Limited Supplies)  





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