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Computerized Navigation, Communication, and Weather

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The SeaTech System is a digital navstation that combines the personal computer (PC) with the Global Positioning System (GPS), Electronic Charting System (ECS) software, digital charts, single side-band (SSB) radio, and satellite phone (satphone) into an easy-to-use integrated system.

Digital Navigation

Now it is possible to precisely position your vessel on an official NOAA or international digital chart displayed on the screen of an onboard portable computer.  Our SeaTech Navigator Package  includes the custom configuration of your computer.  The software system that integrates the PC, GPS satellite receiver, AIS (Automatic Information Systems), and digital chart is the Computerized American Practical Navigator (CAPN) Mosaic Electronic Charting System (ECS). This advanced, integrated software program combines all navigation and piloting functions into one easy-to-use Microsoft Windows based system. The CAPN is so accurate and reliable the United States Navy and Coast Guard use it, yet any navigator who can point and click can use The CAPN.


Safety at sea depends on good communications and the marine high frequency (HF) single side-band (SSB) radio has proven to be the most reliable and cost effective method of long-range communications.  Our SeaTech Communicator Package uses a rugged ICOM SSB linked to a PC with the advanced SCS Pactor radio modem that allows unlimited access to wireless email and weather data.  Portable Iridium satphones offer easy, convenient wireless communications.  This satphone can send or receive email and access the Internet from virtually anywhere.  XGate Wireless Service offers data compression for faster wireless data speeds.  SPOT, an inexpensive personal tracker, offers a new level of personal safety and communications for any cruiser.  Like to keep in touch with your family?  Want to move your business aboard?  You no longer have to be out of touch while cruising.


Our SeaTech WeatherFax Package can receive an international schedule of free weatherfax (WEFAX) and navigational telex (NAVTEX) broadcasts to inform mariners of weather, navigation and safety conditions.  A satphone can link you directly to government weather websites and private services such as WeatherNet that make downloading weather data quick and easy.  SkyEye can let you receive real-time weather directly from satellites that can be combined with WindPlot GRIB files for the most comprehensive weather forecasting tools available.

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